Comedian Bob Slayer has a big rant at me about the Edinburgh Fringe shows


Good piece looking at the nuances of the “Free Fringe”

Originally posted on SO IT GOES - John Fleming's blog:

Yesterday, comedian Bob Slayer got a bit grumpy about the blog I posted two days ago about the six Edinburgh Fringe shows I am involved in this year – Five of them are happening at Bob’s Bookshop, one of the venues he will be running in August under the banner of his Heroes of Fringe.

His grumpiness had been triggered by reading in my blog that I thought his ‘Pay What You Want’ model within the Free Festival would be confusing to punters.

“There is no real confusion,” he moaned to me, “unless you plant it. It is Free Entry – just turn up – or, to guarantee getting in, buy a ticket in advance. What possible confusion is there there????”

“But,” I tried to argue, “it’s confusing enough already that you’re expected to pay for ‘Free’ shows on the way out. Now you’re just calling ‘Free’ shows ‘Pay What…

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New music video: Access Space Tidy Up

I did the music

48 Hours In 84 Seconds – Timelapse Video of Access Space Mega Recycle Mid-Weekend, March 2011 from Richard Bolam on Vimeo.

By Any Means Sheffield

My music used on another marvellous Richard Bolam vid

20×20 exhibition

20×20 exhibition

Submitted a picture for Access Space’s 20×20 exhibition. An homage to my home town of Stevenage and the train station which I always keep coming back to.

An homage to Stevenage Train Station

Stevenage Train Station Captured

Open-Splice: a celebration of open source docs

A celebration of docs made using Open source Software; about open source subjects; or created with an open source ethos.

10th June 2011, 4-6pm, Access Space, Sheffield
Presented by Jake Harries and Laurence Alexander


1. Open Video (1:00) by Rafaella Trainello
2. Frosch (4:00) by Rafaella Trainello
3. Experiments in Cinema (13:00) by Rafaella Trainello
4. Stray Cinema
5. Dancing to Architecture (25:00) Dir: Lery Black
6. The Rubbish Puppets (4:30) by Laurence Alexander
7. Noise Objects (5:00) by Laurence Alexander
8. Sonic Events 1 and 2 (5:00) by Richard Bolam
9. Secret Life of Timelapse (2:00) by Richard Bolam
10. Silver and Magnesium (8:00) by Monika Dutta
11. Man with a Movie Camera: The Global Remake (1h 06’)

Rafaella Trainello

Rafaella is an award-winning filmmaker from Padua, Italy, who makes films only using Free Open Source Software. She is an expert in the open source editing suite Cinelerra and is the co-founder of the Corti a Ponte Short Film Festival. We will be showing a selection of shorts including a documentary from her inspirational educational project, Experiments in Cinema, which showcases film and animation created by young people using Cinelerra.

Laurence Alexander

Laurence is a Sheffield based documentary and experimental film maker and who works using the complete open source video and sound editing suite provided in Ubuntu Studio. He has created several films for Access Space and also made a series of shorts shot on location in Uganda.

Dancing to Architecture

Dancing to Architecture (2002) is a motion picture account of the This Is Not Art festivals (TINA) – held in Newcastle, Australia and was the first open source documentary of its kind. In total there are over 140 hours of interviews, presentations and workshops, events, exhibitions, performances and time-lapse recordings which has been made available online as open source to anyone who wants to watch it or even make another piece about TINA. Dancing to Architecture is inspired by the early work of Dziga Vertov (Man With a Movie Camera), the conceptual framework established by Michael Snow and co (Wavelength), Ron Fricke and co (Baraka) and the numerous VJ’s and performance video artists for their successful popularisation of this particular film genre. Edited in Media100

Film at

Richard Bolam

Richard Bolam is a Sheffield based filmmaker who specialises in timelapse motion pictures. He was awarded the Access Space Small Research & Development Bursary 2011, which is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England as part of the Access Space arts programme. This project involved carrying out technical and production research towards Flying Monkey TV’s “Missing Link” interface project. The Flying Monkey TV Missing Link is a proposed multi-protocol hardware interface to connect multiple digital stills cameras to enable simultaneous time-lapse capture.

Monika Dutta
A new collaboration between film maker and artist Monika Dutta and composer and sound artist Jake Harries has so far produced the two short films Silver and Magnesium. The works have been made in response to the particular environment of the derbyshire peaks and represent the artists’ desire to convey experiences of being in the landscape as opposed to more direct and illustrative responses that may be more about landscape.

Man with a Movie Camera

This is a participatory video shot by people around the world who are invited to record images interpreting the original script of Vertov’s Man With A Movie Camera and upload them to this site. Software developed specifically for this project archives, sequences and streams the submissions as a film. Anyone can upload footage. When the work streams, your contribution becomes part of a worldwide montage, in Vertov’s terms the “decoding of life as it is”. This website contains every shot in Vertov’s 1929 film along with thumbnails representing the beginning middle and end of each shot. You are invited to interpret Vertov and upload your footage to this site to become part of the database. You can contribute an entire scene or a shot or multiple shots from different scenes.

Everyday a new version of the movie is built. On the left is Vertov’s original. On the right is a shot uploaded from a participant. The uploaded shots are rotated each day if there is more than one. So the built movie may never be quite the same. Black shots are still waiting for an upload; perhaps you can fill it in?

Vertov’s 1929 film Man With A Movie Camera records the progression of one full day synthesizing footage shot in Moscow, Riga, and Kiev. It is often described as an urban documentary yet the subject of the film is also the film itself –from the role of the cameraman to that of the editor to its projection in a theatre and the response of the audience.

The application runs on an Ubuntu Linux box. The web application is written in MERB, a ruby framework designed to handle file uploads. The database connections are handled via Ruby’s Active Record and MySQL. The video processing is based around ImageMagick, FFMpeg, Mencoder and glued together via a set of ruby scripts.

Stray Cinema

Stray Cinema is a pioneering, internationally renowned open source film project founded by two New-Zealanders in August 2006. Stray Cinema is an innovative and unique experiment in film construction – it is amongst the world’s first open source film projects, and it is also the first project of this nature to incorporate a real-world screening event. The driving concept of this project is to marry film with the open source ethos.

The Quadrant

A new corporate video by Richard Bolam, with soundtrack by Laurence Alexander



Open Splice: an afternoon of open source documentaries


A celebration of documentaries made using Open source Software; about open source subjects; or created with an open source ethos.




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